Customer Review frequently asked questions

1. How to submit a Hotel Review in HotelThailand?

We will send you an e-mail with details and link for a Hotel Review submission by the end of your stay. You can click on the links to start writing your Hotel Review. Hotel Reviews cannot be submitted on-site as we need to make sure all our Hotel Reviews are written by real travelers.

2. Can I submit a review for a hotel not listed in HotelThailand?

No. Unfortunately, you can only provide opinions on the listed hotels in HotelThailand only. If you visit other tourist attractions, restaurants or locations, you can briefly mention and treat them as recommendations to other readers, not as the main content.

3. When will my Hotel Review get published in HotelThailand?

Your Hotel Review will normally take no more than a week to publish in HotelThailand. You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail after submitting your hotel review. As soon as your Hotel Review is posted to the site, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail. If we cannot post your review for any reasons, we will notify you.

4. After submitting my Hotel Review, can I edit my Hotel Review again?

Unfortunately, all submitted Hotel Reviews cannot be edited. If you are not happy with your original Hotel Review, we can remove it so that you can submit a new Hotel Review. Simply e-mail our support team.

5. Can I write another Hotel review in HotelThailand, if I stay in the same Hotel for a second time?

To prevent reviewers from submitting multiple Hotel Reviews on the same hotel and confusing our rating system, we can only allow reviewer to publish one Hotel Review per hotel. However, updated Hotel Reviews are always welcome! To create an updated Hotel Review, contact us and request for your old Hotel Review to be removed first. Do not forget to include the subject of your old Hotel Review. Once we remove it from the site, we will let you know via e-mail that it is ok to submit a new one.

6. What if I disagree with the Hotel Review?

We would like to keep this Hotel Review section friendly and helpful to all readers so it is unfair to talk about other reviewers. If you disagree with a review, then simply submit your own Hotel Review with a polite disagreement without insulting or disparaging other reviewers.

7. Last time I submitted a negative Hotel Review, but now I don't want it published. Can you remove my Hotel Review from HotelThailand?

Please e-mail our support team the same e-mail address you used to submit the Hotel Review. We will remove the unwanted Hotel Review from HotelThailand straight away.

*Some hotels may contact us for your negative Hotel Review. If they wish to contact you directly, we will always reserve your privacy and inform you first whether or not you wish to be contacted by the hotel.
8. How long do Hotel Reviews remain published on HotelThailand?

Hotel Reviews will remain published on site permanently if all conditions and guidelines meet.

9. I still have further questions about Hotel Reviews...

If you have more questions regarding the Hotel review, please e-mail our support team at Feedback

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